Why Interactive Video?  

Why Interactive Video?  


Differentiates your organization: 

Many businesses have competitors that offer almost similar service or product without any notable USPs. In order to differentiate ourselves we rely on adding value in other areas such as great customer service, etc. But creating video content with a narrative is one way you can really stand out from your competitors. But you can still convey your core message in a much more memorable way by creating content that stands out and highlights those value-adding qualities that are hard to communicate otherwise. 

Engages your audience: 

Video storytelling are definitely more engaging. Stories resonates with your audience; conveying emotions, providing content that your audience might aspire to, capturing their imagination and attention. Engaging video content also results in more interactions – as viewers not only to watch the video all the way through, but also respond to whatever call-to-action is used at the end. 

Increases reach: 

Traditionally stories have been passed from generation to generation, one person to another, and this is another key advantage of using storytelling in your video. If it tells a story, people are more likely to share your content with others. A video that uses simple narrative to tell the audience who you are and how you can help them is much more compelling, and something that people will want to share. 

Makes it memorable: 

Video already has an advantage over the written word as people are more likely to retain information from visual images than text. But if you want to give your video communication longevity in your audience’s mind, storytelling is the perfect tool to employ. So, a video that uses a simple storyline and narrative enables your target audience to recall the component parts more easily.