Video Analytics

With markets getting crowded and rising competition, OTT players need all possible consumer insights to make their customers stick to their platform.

Analyze User Engagement Data:

The deeper your understanding of your viewers is – their likes, dislikes and preferences, values, routine and habits, the better will be your ability to match viewing experiences to their needs.

What are viewers watching? – Have an overview of your top videos by title, categories and type, and note how many people are watching and for how long

When are viewers watching? – See how often viewers watch your content, and how their usage changes over time

Where are viewers watching? – See for how long viewers watch content across popular streaming platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, etc.


Engagement Reports:

Play Rate – This gives the platform owner insights on the average time spent and click rates every individual video generates

Average Percentage Watched – This shows which part of the content in videos has the highest viewer engagement

Complete Rate – Insights on how many people watched the video till the end

Average Time Watched – Overall average time spent on each video

Ad Insights:

Capture the entire ad viewing experience, so that you can mitigate video ad delivery issues and improve viewing experiences in order to boost topline growth

Measure the Full Technical Quality – Know what’s happening with every ad, every second and on every screen to reduce churn, avoid inventory waste and prevent under-delivery

Player-level Analytics:

Understand how the same content performs in different locations on your site – on your homepage, your mobile app player, and your video library player. Based on this data, you can enhance player performance and also understand better what drives traffic to a particular form of media.