Ad Insertion

Create an immersive video experience to your end users whilst using our innovative technology that helps you to manage ad blocking effectively.

Our software dynamically appends relevant ads into video content and delivers it as a single, uninterrupted stream. This way, ad blockers can’t detect ads and since there is no buffering, end user experience is greatly enhanced.

Ad personalisation reduces the consumer desire to employ ad blockers, and creates a mutually beneficial streaming experience for video providers and audiences. Beyond the relevance of topical interests, ad personalisation can also connect with individual viewers in ways that are emotionally relevant to them, sparking changes in thinking as well as in purchasing.

We help you employ relevant analytics to understand viewer behaviour and make required changes to enhance your end-user’s viewing experience.

By seamlessly integrating relevant ads into video content, you can establish your presence on several viewing media with just one URL.

Ottohm supports server-side and client-side ads and this can help you expand your reach by smart advertising.

Our player’s platform provides for seamless integration with all major Analytics and Ad networks. Ottohm supports a variety of formats for video ads and associated plug-ins and this helps you effectively target your audience on both live and on-demand content across multiple viewing devices.

Server-side ad insertion is a combination of manifest manipulation, ad server communication, and ad bit-rate and resolution normalisation, all of which happens on the server-side before presenting a manifest to clients. Server-side ad insertion may also be referred to as dynamic ad insertion, or ad stitching.

To cope with fluctuations in demand for just-in-time server-side ad insertion, highly scalable architecture is required – particularly for broadcasters that must deal with the sharp peaks in demand that breaking news, sports events, and popular TV series bring. Cloud-based video processing with a server-side ad insertion integration is one-way broadcasters can scale to meet audience demand.