Content Protection

With A-level security attributes and content protection, Ottohm ensures that even the most sensitive content is securely managed and delivered to your audience without any loss in quality. You have full control over your content and its safety.

Ottohm enables you to have complete control over your content by providing top notch encryption tools, watermarking options and other protection services.

Trust Ottohm to make it easy for you to restrict your video access. We have strict restriction rules with respect to IP address, content launch date and domain. This is most useful for sensitive content which is thereby published only within authorized networks.

We help you deliver superior video experiences but never at the cost of network overload. Far from it in fact, we offer different solutions to ensure that video content quality doesn’t come in the way of your organization’s network performance.

Your content never leaves your video delivery network. Through remote asset mode, customers provide only metadata and location data to Ottohm. No video content is actually transferred to cloud. This makes your content more secure as it never leaves your firewall.

We help you eliminate the need to provide your users with multiple login details by using an authentication system they are already acquainted with. With relevant application integrations, Ottohm allows you to add an extra layer of security while users access videos from your portal.


With stringent audits and periodic security assessments, be assured that you’re in very safe hands. Ottohm gets periodically accessed on crucial parameters like vulnerability threats, network security strength and app security framework among others.