Why Interactive Video?  

Why Interactive Video?  

Sell with Videos – Call to Actions 

Call to Action in a video is the capability to take the viewer to a desired website upon performing an action on the video. A video is the best container to have CTA on a website for conversions. According to KISS metrics, it is found that a CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs. 

The benefits of interactive video are that it converts passive viewers into active viewers and allows you to easily track the decisions each viewer makes. 

Interactivity has two parts: 

  • Interacting with the content itself 
  • Interacting with the brand through the content 

360° Video – There are loads of ways you can bring your brand to life through 360° videos. This may involve a tour of your workplace, showing the product life-cycle, or highlighting a location associated with your brand. If your brand is hosting an exclusive event, 360° videos can be used to give viewers the chance to feel they are actually there themselves. 

Based on how your viewers engages, you can get a better idea of what part of the video is engaging them, where they’re most focused, and where engagement starts to drop off. 

This is no different than assessing the completion rate of your videos, the average time your users spends reading blog posts, and other such metrics. The more interactive video you provide, the more information you collect regarding how your audience engages with your content. 

With interactive video content, you aren’t just inspiring users to take a single action at the end of the video, you’re encouraging them to do so throughout their whole experience.