Why a Video CMS is Critical for Enterprise Video 

Why a Video CMS is Critical for Enterprise Video 


Companies use video technology for a wide variety of tasks and it is thus ideal for them to have a single video content management system. As the video assets of an organization begin to grow, there arise challenges in areas such as security, storage and version control.  It is here that the presence of a content management system becomes invaluable. 

According to Gartner, enterprise video content management is defined as, “software, appliances, or software-as-a-service (SaaS) intended to manage and facilitate the delivery of one-to-any, on-demand video across internet protocols.” We discuss the key areas in which a CMS becomes indispensable. 

Capturing Video 

At an enterprise level, there are a numerous sources of video. These consist of high-end cameras, security systems, encoders, TV tuners and video conferencing equipment. An enterprise CMS will easily be able to process inputs from all kinds of sources. 

Managing Videos 

The captured videos are in different formats such as flv, mov, avi and wmv. It is often a good idea to convert all these into a universal format such as mp4 in order to ensure cross platform and device compatibility. 

Additionally, a CMS manages video libraries from a central location thereby ensuring version control. This ensures that the latest version of each project is available to every person or department in the organization. Good CMS’s also feature cross-platform flexibility and integrations. 

Delivering Video 

Every company has a different IT setup and a different network topology. CMS ensures that every company is able to live stream or share its videos on-demand with minimum strain on the network. Additionally, CMS ensures that no matter the size of your live stream, every person in the audience is able to watch the live stream without network issues. 

Video Security 

Organizational videos are highly confidential and require that their contents are remain protected. Thus, it becomes essential for organizations to have a robust CMS with high levels of security. 

Video Search 

Data storage and management is one of the major challenges that companies face as their video assets increase. Good enterprise video CMS are able to interpret and index audio and video data through the use of computer vision and automated transcription, thus ensuring that information is found when needed.