Video Analytics  

Video Analytics

Rising trends in the video analytics market has really caught the eye of various businesses. This little known software is quickly gaining up speed for an expansive amount of applications. From public safety and security to crowd management, video analytics have begun to see a big boom in the business world. 

Video analytics is a software that is used to monitor video streams in near real-time. It uses mathematical algorithms to monitor, analyze and manage huge volumes of video. By digitally analyzing video inputs and transforming them into intelligent data it helps in making decisions. 

Video surveillance analytics have found numerous applications in both the private and public sectors. Facial recognition is one of the well-known areas in the video analytical realm and has seen as much development as it has scrutiny. Airports have been considered as one of the primary beneficiaries of this technology. 

While video analytics holds great promise, it has not yet become clear on the effectiveness of the technology in the real world. The key thing to note here is that video analytics technology is still in its early stage. 

But these current video analytics solutions work only in a constrained environment. For example, if video analytics is used for perimeter security or vehicle license plate recognition or unattended baggage in a public space, will work; provided the number of vehicles is not very high, weather conditions are not extreme, or in a not so crowed location. On the other hand, if a user wishes to identify unattended baggage in a busy railway station at peak hours, system will end up generating too many false alerts. 

Thus, keep in mind that the success of a video analytics implementation will be determined by the use it is put to and in which conditions.