Using video for Employee Training and Development

Using video for Employee Training and Development


Undeniably, companies and organizations are in a competitive climate for hiring top talent, a strong employee training and development program is essential. And not just when it comes to hiring, internal training is also useful for retaining employees and growing profits. 

When it comes to the practicalities of training, video is a phenomenal tool. Training videos are one of the most productive ways to develop your team, both in terms of cost and engagement. 

Save money and resources – This means that when you spend on classroom training, you’re spending more on instructor time and travel costs than on the actual training materials. With video, you don’t need to pay anyone to train your employees, you simply press play. 

Video is flexible – The benefits of videos are that you can customize them according to your need. You can tailor-made them to your organization’s training program. The flexibility of video makes them useful when you want to add more concepts. That means you can use videos to train your team on anything and also recruit new talents. 

Increased information retention – When you allocate budget and time to training your team, you want to make sure they remember what they learnt. Unfortunately, a study from the SAVO Group found that just 7 days after a training session, the average employee will have forgotten more than half of the material covered. However, when you combine relevant visuals with learning information, there is a rise in retention level by 65%. 

Video can be used anytime anywhere – Trainers can record videos during a training session and then make the video available to staff members whenever they have the time to watch the training sessions. In fact, instructors can upload the videos to their company’s websites so that employees can access them anytime anywhere.