Transforming Internal Communication Through the Power of Video    

Transforming Internal Communication   Through the Power of Video  


Educate Employees Quickly 

On-demand video isn’t just easily accessible, it can help you educate large groups of people faster than in-person alternatives. Because on-demand video can be delivered to many employees at the same time, you’re able to share new content faster and speed-up the education process in your workplace. Educational videos can range from lengthy tutorials to quick how-to designed to help staff effectively complete mission-critical tasks while eliminating the risk and cost of errors, and in less time. 

Keep Employees Updated with Company News 

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of available information. From the collection of statistics and analytics produced internally by businesses to the emails shared in and between different departments. And while information is great to have, it can be overwhelming. Video can serve as the perfect medium for sharing company news, updates or managing a PR crisis. 

You can make a good video from the comfort of your desk and distribute it to your entire organization in minutes. In fact, this level of agility is essential. It’s a competitive advantage for high-growth organizations in rapidly evolving industries. Video, therefore, becomes a vehicle for delivering timely and valuable information to your employees. 

Boost Your Company Culture 

Company culture isn’t born in a day. It’s cultivated over time. In many ways, it’s the culmination of a set of values that leadership and staff exemplify. Using video as a method of supporting your culture is possible. 

To capitalize on video, you’ll need to introduce it as a medium that all staff can use. Video needs to be seen as more than just an internal communication tool. It must be considered as the way that your employees engage with each other and share knowledge.