The Social Video Master Class – Learn how to optimize

videos for social media 

The Social Video Master Class – Learn how to optimize videos for social media 

Social media is continually changing the way that we communicate and consume information. The most successful content marketers are delivering content consistently through multiple social media channels. It comes as no surprise that with all the content that is posted across these channels, that visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared than all-text content. Video is no exception. 

Video content overall, not only on social media platforms, is booming over the internet. Research suggests that by 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video. And of those, billions of videos will come from social media. So how do you get a slice of that engagement for your brand? Let’s take a look. 


Video on Twitter 

Twitter is ideal for audience engagement – especially if it relates to current events. So you must leverage brand stories and your most current content. Twitter is also a great platform for brands who want to take a stand. Take Gillette’s “We Believe” video ad for instance. It was watched 13 million times on the first day it went live on Twitter and had reached around 30 million views within a week. 

Video on Facebook 

Facebook is a platform where users engage with videos of their friends and families, cute animals, dance performances, and causes they support. It is therefore ideal to produce videos that are innately shareable, down-to-earth, and personal. 

Video on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn provides a particularly valuable audience for B2B marketers. 45% of LinkedIn users are upper management, meaning they’re the decision-makers you want to target. Videos produced for this platform should help the viewers become at their job in one way or another, they should provide professional value to them.

Video on YouTube 

Want your video to be discovered through search? YouTube is the best platform for you! It is the second-most trafficked website in the world after Google and long-form content is well-suited for YouTube. With the average viewer sticking around for over eight minutes, you should aim to make you content engaging, friendly and conversational. 

Video for Instagram 

When Instagram rolled out, it was all about images but it has seen a monumental increase in video content in the form of newsfeed, stories and highlights. With a limit of 60 seconds for each video,  Instagram is ideal for videos focusing on brand awareness and brand storytelling. Product videos, tutorials, educational videos are a good place to start.