Six Video Analytics Use Cases 

Six Video Analytics Use Cases 


Video has become ubiquitous in today’s world and with it, video analytics has also seen a major rise in its application. It has become invaluable in a variety of fields and proved to be beneficial to society. The top six fields where video has proved to be remarkably beneficial are discussed below. 


Video analytics help doctors and other medical personnel in tracking patients and know when to reach them on time. It has particularly proved beneficial for monitoring patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia who are prone to walking away and endangering themselves. Moreover, video analytics is also been used as a diagnostic tool in the medical field. 

Theft Prevention 

Theft of physical data and digital resources is a fundamental concern in organizations. Camera security can detect nearly all forms of theft. However, actively monitoring the camera feed is a costly process and human monitoring can be deceived. With video analytics, algorithms derived from artificial intelligence systems can detect theft and alert the security or law enforcement personnel. Such modern theft detection systems act as formidable theft deterrents. 


Video analytics help in automatically counting how many people use certain routes which tells government agencies which routes need decongestion. Additionally, videos help in determining which roads, bridges and other infrastructure require maintenance work. Video also helps in capturing licence plates of vehicles and identify drivers with the help of facial recognition technology, thereby helping law enforcement agencies in upholding transportation rules and safety. 

Public Safety 

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly relying on technology to enforce law and order. Technologies such as facial recognition have made it increasingly difficult for fugitives to hide for a long time. Videos captured from various surveillance cameras are analysed and run through facial recognition softwares to identify and track down fugitives, criminals and terrorists. 

Manufacturing and Industry 

Video analytics enables automated tracking which helps warehouse managers in carrying out operational tasks smoothly. Video monitoring is used to detect product faults, thereby providing a competitive advantage to those who employ these analytics tools. Predictive maintenance is seeing widespread use, and video analytics can offer data no other tool can replicate. 


Psychology has been used to study consumer behaviour for a long time. Retail stores often use psychology studies to decide where and how specific items or products should be displayed so as to increase their visibility and sales. Video analytics provides solid feedback on whether these techniques have been successful or not. When coupled with advanced algorithms and machine learning, video analytics can be extensively used by retail organizations to increase customer engagement and boost sales revenues.