OTT Advertising Trends in 2020 

OTT Advertising Trends in 2020


As OTT viewing experience becomes more commonplace, marketers and advertisers are expected to follow right behind them. OTT experiences can be especially ideal for direct-to-consumer brands. Additionally, consumers expect inspiring, personal and relevant experiences across an ever-growing variety of channels and ad formats. The explosion of ecosystem complexity has created a new kind of challenge for marketers. 


It will be fascinating to see if the trend of media producers acquiring their own DSPs will withstand itself as OTT continues to flourish. Although it may create a seemingly stress-free transaction when it comes to selling their on-hand inventory, independent networks keep the medium much more accessible. 

Traffic Accountability 

In order for OTT to really thrive, verification tools will need to enhance their ability to legitimize the medium and the traffic it is offering to marketers. Though OTT allows for superior targeting capabilities than traditional TV, there is still much to be desired when it comes to proving that the inventory being purchased, is actually being watched by a genuine and legitimate audience. 


While viewability functions as one of the key performance indicators when it comes to investing in OTT, we will need more granular analytics in order to improve success metrics, tracking information, and targeting capabilities. This will allow advertisers to access deep-seated campaign insights for their OTT campaigns, and provide a better understanding of who exactly is watching their ads. 


Creating real partnerships between advertisers and ad tech vendors that believe in the importance of transparency will not only develop the relationship between these two parties throughout the market, but it will give companies access to better consultancy practices, and in turn, greater support for their business objectives.