How to protect your video content?

How to protect your video content?


Most of the time you’ll be using video marketing to reach as many people as possible to drive awareness, engagement, retention, and conversion.

But then there are those times when you will produce video that has sensitive content and is designed for specific internal audiences like partners, customers, and others. The goal here is to make sure your confidential videos don’t fall into the wrong hands. 

Some of the Video Platform Security Options –  

Domain Restriction 

Domain restriction gives you control of where the video can be embedded, shared, or played back. This is ideal feature for keeping videos that should stay on your website and only viewable there. 

IP Address Restriction 

IP restriction is one of the best ways to restrict access to your video content based on geographical location such as a college or company campus. Since most IP addresses are restricted to specific networks you can make sure the only person that is seeing your videos is watching them onsite at your location. This is great for ensuring your internal training videos aren’t being leaked outside your work campus. 

Single Sign-On 

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication method that allows for the connection of two different user systems to speak to each together and allow the same users to access different applications and environments from a single set of credentials. SSO is the perfect method for creating an internal video content hub for internal communications, training content, and executive briefs. With SSO, work staff can simply login to the secure video portal by using their pre-existing credentials. 

Encrypted Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMPE) 

RTMPE  is usually offered by more advanced video hosting and marketing platforms. It is a method that breaks your video content up into pieces to be delivered and only playback if a specific piece is required. RTMPE is a pretty advanced option but does provide a lot of security since it’s nearly impossible to rip the full video making it difficult to steal or pirate the video content.