How To Incorporate Video Into  Your Sales Strategy? 

How To Incorporate Video Into Your Sales Strategy? 


According to the 2018 research – The State of Video Marketing 2020 – 92 percent of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy and 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales .  On the buyer side, 84 percent of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. It’s very clear that video has become a powerful tool to drive buying decisions.  Let’s take a look at the types of video assets that your sales team can use to fuel their conversations with leads. 

Employee bio videos 

Employee bio videos are really beneficial because they help prospects and customers see the people behind the brand and become accustomed to a particular point of contact. Video is the perfect medium if you’re interested in setting a more casual and relaxed tone with your spectators. There is no need for a script and your team can share cool facts and other fascinating titbits that help the customer feel like they’re really getting to know their rep or account manager. 

Customer case study videos 

In the B2B space, customers often require brands to present specific proof points that they can leverage to justify a new purchase to their boss. Customer case studies are tremendously useful in such cases when it comes to moving contacts along the sales funnel. 

While written cases are valuable on their own, adding a video into the equation ups the stakes. Video as an asset helps sales teams to establish trust with prospects. When your potential customers hear your current customers talking about how your product or service has assisted them achieve a particular goal, the message will resonate on a more emotional level. 

Interactive videos 

By incorporating interactivity into your videos, you can help customer engagement rates skyrocket.  It will give them definitive control over the content they are viewing and depending on your specific needs for the video, you can include quizzes, polling, chaptering, and more. 

Interactive videos can be a great way to generate new leads or convert current ones by leveraging in-video CTAs to encourage prospects or customers to take a next step, such as scheduling a meeting with a sales rep.  


By introducing video assets into different stages of the customer conversation, you can increase engagement and encourage prospects to make their way through the funnel. What are you waiting for?