How To Engage Your Audience With Interactive Live Streaming Features   

How To Engage Your Audience With Interactive Live Streaming Features  

Interactive live streaming is a contemporary approach of businesses engaging with target audiences as well as existing customers. The impact and benefits of interactive live streaming have been experienced first-hand by many businesses and content publishers. However, there is still an ocean of businesses that are yet to take their first step towards this form of audience engagement. 

Introducing an interactive element in live streams has distinct advantages such as increased audience engagement and participation. It is also a great way to increase audience size, to get feedback from the audience and to increase brand reach. Moreover, viewers like to control the content and the addition of interactive elements such as polls and quizzes gives them an opportunity to steer the live stream in a desired direction. Such considerations make a brand memorable in the eyes of the consumers and increase engagement with the product and service. 

Let’s take a look at the four most popular and effective ways to engage audiences with interactive live streams. 

Live Polls 

By asking audiences questions in real-time and displaying the results, you can engage your audience on topics of importance and get direct feedback which can help in making business decisions. It also creates a sense of community among the viewers which makes them more likely to engage with the brand in the future. 

Live Q&As 

Live Q&As can be used for multiple kinds of interactions. In this kind of interaction, the audience can ask questions through the comments section or a Q&A section and get answers in real-time. Live Q&As are a terrific way to address frequently asked questions or introduce brand teams or have a discussion with industry experts. From a research perspective, it is a good way to assess audience needs and mentality. 

Live Chat 

Live chats are a great way to get instant audience feedback and ideas for future updates. It increases the rates of complain resolutions and also customer loyalty since it is a way of showing audiences that their opinions matter. 

Live Surveys 

Businesses can poll a varied audience in one go using online streaming questionnaires. They can also incentivise these surveys by arranging giveaways and freebies. This method reduces the bother of creating multiple forms and sending out mass emails that often go unread.