How Can Live Video Streaming Benefit Different Business Verticals? 

How Can Live Video Streaming Benefit Different Business Verticals?   


Live streaming – it’s live, interactive, exclusive and demanding. It brings in a whole new set of advantages that other content forms just can’t deliver. It allows brands to stay connected with customers in real-time offering exclusive content. Live streaming technology allows viewers to see events through the eyes of the broadcaster. This offers practically a full-on interaction online, eliminating geographical boundaries. Live video marketing, thus, has become a powerful game-changer in today’s business environment. “Go Live” is the new success mantra for businesses. 


Live video streaming can find application in any industry. The popularity of live streaming is so high that every social media application integrated this feature. Let’s review the real use cases of live streaming in various business fields. 



Businesses in the education industry can offer access to a broad range of educational video content. Audiences can avail the opportunity to watch teachers, professors and experts as they teach in real-time.  Live streaming is a highly conducive way of learning as video streaming platforms come with various tool integrations that allow admins to automatically identify the preferences and requirements of students. They provide close-up demonstrations and highly visual materials. The addition of comments and live questions makes the experience a highly interactive and knowledgeable one. 



The health industry can leverage the benefits of live streaming in a plethora of ways. From offering patient support in real-time to providing patients with test results, conducting training sessions for interns to executing a conference with your colleagues in different parts of the world, live streaming can be really beneficial. It can also allow surgeons to perform surgeries under the guidance of an offshore panel of doctors. Medical events can also be recorded and then sent to users. 


Real Estate 

The real estate industry depends heavily on visual components and live streaming can help you communicate these visual details in real-time with your customers. Live streaming can also be used for streaming live auctions, resolve queries regarding insurance, taxes, neighbors, prices, etc. It is a solution that is cost-effective, easy-to-use, independent of geographical constraints. 


Media & Entertainment 

With the increasing popularity of video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. the content viewing patterns of audiences have changed drastically. With daily live streaming,  the media and entertainment industry can better connect with the audience and get the message delivered across in a concise way. 



The safe and timely delivery of cargo shipments is the foundation of the logistics industry. With the help of web cameras installed in the luggage space of the delivery vehicle, customers can be notified about the location of the cargo and its condition via live streaming.  Live video streaming can be used by truck drivers who can directly contact the dispatcher in case of any accidents or breakage. The driver can stream to show where the breakage is located and the specialist can help him with fixing the damages in real-time. 


Retail Businesses 

Retail businesses can leverage live streaming platforms to entice shoppers, enable purchases, educate remote teams, train associates, improve social media engagement, motivate distributors, engage employees, etc. 


Banking and Financial Institutions 

From reforming corporate communication in banks to enhancing collaboration, marketing, sales and training, from optimizing bank digitization to collaborating with branches across the world, to helping in faster processing of insurance claims to carrying out KYC requirements, video live streaming has a wide array of uses in this sector.