Demystifying myths about Video Marketing 

Demystifying myths about Video Marketing 


Myth #1: You can make a video in as little as 3 minutes with stock video 

It’s true. There are a lot of software that allow you to quickly create a video using stock video, also called as royalty-free video, that no one will want to watch. 

Getting out your smartphone and recording yourself talking for three minutes would be a lot more valuable than a video comprised of stock video. It would give a face to your company. You can use Stock video to enhance a video, like if you need a shot of cityscape to stress on a point in the video. 

Myth #2: You just need one video 

To succeed online, it takes more than just one video. It takes a series of videos. You need a video for each step of the customer’s journey. Creating just one video is a waste of both time and money. It’s equivalent of telling someone about your product and then expecting them to buy right away. 

Myth #3: You can write the script yourself 

Since your company know the product better than everyone else, it would make sense that someone in your company could write these scripts.  

But a good video script is different. Your script needs to hold viewer’s attention, so they don’t watch someone else’s video. Scriptwriting needs to cut through the distortions. 

Myth #4: Video is hard to track. 

Videos can indeed be difficult to track, but only if you’re using a bare bones video hosting platform like YouTube. 

But video has some unique characteristics that make it highly trackable. Because it’s linear and people watch it from end-to-end, video platforms with analytics features can tell you what parts viewers watched, what they skipped, & where they revisited. From this, you can automatically infer viewer’s interest in particular products or value propositions that appeared in the video.