Challenges in Video Distribution

Challenges in Video Distribution


Multiscreen and Multichannel Distribution –  

These days, to remain competitive in the ever-changing market, media companies must make their content available over multiple video streaming platforms and multiple. 

On the other hand, endless variety of encode formats, levels of video quality and different bit rates are required for the diversity of targeted devices and platforms means. This naturally results in complicated workflow and increased costs for both video content owners and distributors. 

Rights and License Management – 

Another driving force in the video distribution business is the exclusive content. While competition on this market is high with only limited SVOD option across the globe, companies invest money and efforts to fund original content. 

In this situation, it only makes sense that content owners want to take full control over the rights usage. And even with all the latest technological advancements, content protection and rights management a lot of manual work is still required. This vital need is forcing major industry players to look for technological partners and improve their current tools and develop new ones. 

Lack of Accurate Data – 

Although more video content is watched now than ever before, the ability to analyze and collect data from viewership is diminished.  

Anyhow, effective data collection is not the only key to success. To make the best possible decision it is significant to understand what is the right data you need and learn how to understand it. 

Data Security and User Privacy Protection – 

Video content piracy is at an all-time high. Digital pirates pose a major risk to media companies, with the threat of posting content online before its release date through hacking into computer systems. Media companies are in a difficult spot as there is this growing need to effectively protect confidential data to the desire to maintain the originality and authenticity of content. 

Video content distributors have to ensure content is secured whenever it is streamed or wherever it is stored. Encryption, IP restriction and GEO, password protection and watermarks are just some of the basic security features which are must have for any modern video platform.