Avoid the Silent Town Hall with Interactive Corporate Video 

Avoid the Silent Town Hall with Interactive Corporate Video  


Workforces are swiftly becoming global and increasingly decentralized. These factors have developed a greater need to bring employees together and engage them with better communication tactics. Corporate video is one way to accomplish this feat. Hosting regular Town Hall live streams can bridge the distance gap and bring the employees together no matter where they are in the world. 

Town Halls are typically hosted by the CEOs as an update for the employees on the state of the company. For several employees, this is the only interaction they get with the CEO. It is, therefore, particularly essential that these corporate video events run perfectly and are honed for employee engagement. Without participation, the Town Hall venture is lost. 


Why do Town Halls fail? 

Technical failures are a major reason why Town Halls fail. But besides that, Town Halls often fail to deliver genuine content. The CEO delivers a predictable and well-scripted address which is followed by the ceremonial Q&A. Employees expect that but it does not usually encourage audience participation. So usually, the Q&A consists of a couple of minutes of uncomfortable silence and the Town Hall is wrapped up without a single question being asked. The sole opportunity for employees to interact with their CEO has come and gone. 


How do you encourage engagement? 

To get the audience actively involved in your Town Hall, you need to make sure that everyone feels like they are a part of the event. It has been seen that including interactive elements within your corporate video event can radically impact participation rates. Live polls, feedback, live Q&As and interactive agendas can all turn over a Town Hall from a broadcast to a true engagement tool. 

Allowing spontaneous questions to be asked in person and online through an interactive chat and a fluid Q&A where attendees can respond o the CEO’s remarks is a great start. 

One thing that employees value most is the opportunity to connect with senior leaders That’s why Town Hall meetings are so important; they give leaders a forum for sharing results, reviewing critical issues and discussing what employees can do to help the organization succeed. It is, hence, important to make Town Halls interactive and engaging.