4 Reasons Why Brands Need to Live Stream on Social   Media  

4 Reasons Why Brands Need to Live Stream on Social Media  


Not too long ago, social media platforms had no video capabilities. In the past few years, however, the evolution of video on social media channels has skyrocketed. So much so that now, not only can we share and post videos to social networks, but we can also live stream to nearly all of them. Live streaming to your brand’s social profiles is exceptionally powerful. Let us take a look at why. 

  1. Live streaming on social media expands audience reach 

Twitter is the go-to-place for real-time content – from breaking news to sports updates. Therefore, live streaming to Twitter with the latest, most up-to-date content will capture the audience. Facebook users use the platform to connect with family, friends, and brands. Hence, live streaming to Facebook should be done with the intention of engaging the audience with you and your brand. LinkedIn is where people hope to gain professional value out of live streams. Consequently, live streaming to LinkedIn captures this kind of audience. 

2. Direct customer engagement 

Live streaming is a direct and personal connection to each individual audience member. Additionally, it also generates a lot of valuable market data about your audience and your performance with the help of real-time opinion polls and true viewer engagement stats. 

3. It enhances brand awareness 

It is important to expand your audience reach across various social media platforms because you brand benefits by reaching new people. Live streaming adds to this by giving authenticity to your brand – it gives your audience a reason to tune in and a sense that they’re watching real people – both important for engaging potential customers.

4. It builds unique content 

Live streaming enables you to create new video assets that are unique and can be used again once the event is complete. It may consist of content that can be used and featured in future campaigns. You can recapture all the events that occurred during the livestream and re-use it for sales and other promotional materials. 

Don’t sleep on live streaming this year. Put it in your arsenal and practice. If you don’t, your competitors will.